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Going Forward

TL;DR: Mercury Media Group now offers marketing agency services going forward, to help you win loyal customers with effective strategy, content, audience, and insights. Give us a shout if you're looking to explore markets in Surabaya/East Java/Indonesia.

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"My business needs help with promotion. Where do I start?"

Most radio stations would probably answer that question with a certain number of radio spots, talkshows. and some other programs. With some social media and event services on top.

That's also what we used to do at Mercury Media Group. With 9 radio stations in 5 cities, there's plenty of "radio" to offer to potential clients.

However, we realise that it doesn't really answer the question. Any effective marketing campaign doesn't start with solutions, just as any good doctor doesn't start treating patients with prescriptions. Instead, they first ask, verify and diagnose.

To effectively win customers, we must start with actually understanding the customers. What triggers them to make a purchase, what benefits they seek, what challenges they face, how they ultimately choose which product/service to purchase, etc. In short, we must first know the buyers.

This research is then analysed to form Buyer's Persona. Adele Revella has written a definitive guide on this.

Once we know the buyers, we can then form coherent marketing campaign strategy. This is where our content production capabilities make sense. The emotional video ads we produce. The catchy jingles we create. The talkshow podcasts we record.

This is also where we use the most appropriate media to solve the client needs. Anyone that says Radio is always the best answer to your promotional needs must be either naive, or disingenuous.

We believe that each format of media, whether broadcast radio, on-demand online content, on-ground events, and even out-of-home branding reaches and engages with different and yet complementary audience. Each medium has unique strengths and commands attention in different contexts.

This means while our radio roots means clear strength in radio ads, it really shouldn't limit our tools in serving client needs. And it doesn't. We have used Own, Paid, and Earned Media and will do even more with our new branding agency arm: MediaGoods.

Hence we at Mercury Media Group are excited to announce our expanded vision going forward: We help you win loyal customers with effective strategy, content, audience, and insights.

Let's make it work. If your business wants to win customers in Surabaya/East Java/Indonesia, let's discuss!

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Mercury Media Group Profile Feb '22
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